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viernes, marzo 09, 2007

I have been commenting about Al Gore's house, his carbon offsets' firm and about his non-commenting about Algeciras' ecological disaster. Reading Pommygranate, I learn these other interesting news:

Big Al also has a 4,000 sq foot home in Arlington, Virginia and a third home in Carthage, Tennesse.

Gore also
controls the family's large stock holdings in Occidental (Oxy) Petroleum - hardly the most eco-friendly holding.

Gore also owns a private jet. To
fly a private jet from Los Angeles to Washington would burn about as much petroleum as driving a Hummer for a year. During the period Jan 99 to Dec 00, Al made 16 flights on private jets.

Hmm, yes he is very concerned about global warming...

Anyway, his fans have called the Tennessee Center for Policy Research (the one who disclosed the great electrical expenditure in Al Gore's 1st room solution) and:

Conspiracy theorists have made up all sorts of stories about us, who we are and who we are backed by," Ms. Williams says. (…) Personally, I have been asked 'whose whore are you?' I have been called 'a stupid redneck,' 'liar,' [and some profane names]. I have also been told that I 'had better watch out.' People have posted personal information about us individually on the Web." (via Desde El Exilio -en español-).

Yes, of course, they were in the legitimate use of their freedom of expression... Yes, yes, yes,... menacing is freedom of expression. Or no? Well, now seriously, for these Neanderthals -not people who actually care for environment and tries to convince you with arguments-, it depends on the people to whom they are menacing, not in the menace itself. I would like to see this super-brave-environmental-Rambos in the opposite situation. That is, if a fundamentalist-against-climate-change would menace them, what would be their actual answer? And the MSM...

And the second one is that British Crown Prince Charles -I am not going to insult him...-. Some days ago, when he was in United Arab Emirates, he made some comments:

Charles's comments came while visiting the Imperial College London Diabetes Center in Abu Dhabi for the launch of a public health campaign, Britain's Press Association news agency reported.

"Have you got anywhere with McDonald's? Have you tried getting it banned? That's the key," Charles asked one of the center's nutritionists, according to the news agency.

The Prince's interest is not mainly the health of UAE citizens, but his own -en español- (HT: Barcepundit):

Prince Charles of England, the ecological Prince, before accusing some others, should clean his own pantry. Some of the biological food that he is selling under his aristocratic mark, Duchy Originals, have quantities of salt and as unrecommended as the least recommended of the un-aristocratic hot-dogs.

After his hard criticism about McDonalds' burgers, it results that a Big Mac has less calories (229) that the empanadas (264) who are sold with the name of Cornish Pasty by his Royal Highness.

Then there are people who are blaming the computers for the global warming -en español-, while at the same time surfing the Web all the day and placing their own webblog in the Internet and seeing films on the new super-mega PC with Windows Vista and having a mega-great Blackberry to be in touch with their friends all day. Of course, if they do that, it is because it is needed. If any other one does the same, blaspheme!!!


Al Gore, además de la casa que gasta en un mes más de lo que gasta una familia americana en electricidad en un año, tiene otra mansión de 4.000 pies cuadrados (ejem, tengo que buscar cuánto es esto... ;) ), controla la importante parte familiar de la empresa petrolera Oxy Petroleum y tiene un jet privado con el que ha hecho al menos 16 viajes entre Dic 99 y Enero 200 (cada viaje en jet privado de Los Angeles a Washington gasta tanto como conducir un Hummer en un año -para que luego la Ministra de Medio Ambiente quiera prohibirlos...).

Pero si lo de Al Gore es de libro, lo del Príncipe Carlos es de Libro Gordo de Petete. Leed el link: está en español.

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