Three years

domingo, marzo 11, 2007

In memoriam of the 192 victims of March 11th terrorist attacks in Madrid (full list of victims by Barcepundit), the best thing to do is to denounce the campaign of blaming the victims of anything possible if they are not of the same ideas as the Government. Just read this article by Robert Latona.

The King and Queen of Spain have opened the monument to remember the victims (LD, El Mundo -with video-,

You can read: Le Figaro (Fr).

Also remembering the victims Civitatensis, 1972 (who also writes about yesterday's demonstration), Il cielo sopra Kabul, Gabbiano Urliante. Also in República de Guadalmecín, Foro Liberal, Estamos hartos de ZP,

About the polemic of the preconstitutional  flags: looks like the dependent from PSOE diary of the morning has included a photo that was taken the last Feb. 3rd when another demonstration took place... In fact it was published before the yesterday's demosntration in the blog of one PSOE's supporter. (NT: Caballero ZP). 

Y ahora un chiste:

Soluciones del PSOE para los etarras:

para Lasa y Zabala, cal.

Y para De Juana, cal-dito.