Scorched Earth Bloggers

domingo, febrero 17, 2008

Los Scorched Earth Bloggers son unos cuantos bloggers que no están de acuerdo plenamente con ninguna opción política existente. Su fundador, John, lo explica muy bien en su página web:

I’m the kind of person who has no more capacity left for this kind of politics. I am the kind of person who is fed up with being lied to, mislead, and expected to believe that principle is secondary to power. In short I am the kind of person who expects more from my public servants.

Then I began to wonder how this relates to some thinking I’ve been doing about the rise in popularity of political blogging. You know the kind of thing; why people decide to start blogging and why so much of it is a diatribe against politicians in general. I see what looks like kindred spirits everywhere. People who are fed up with being taken for a ride. People left cold by the quality of our public figures. People who are fed up with mainstream media portrayals of public figures as consummate politicians like it was a good thing. People who think being a good politician is not the same as being a good public figure. People who cannot and will not stomach another lie or slight of hand by the politically adept who pass themselves off as our servants these days. People, in other words, who are Scorched Earthers.

[...] Scorched Earth bloggers see it as their civic duty to highlight the poor quality of our public figures. The tools they choose to do this with are their voices, their blogs, their votes and their absolute belief that any public servant who is a hypocrite, who lies, misleads, obfuscates and generally plays us for fools cannot and should not be trusted with public office.

Ha tenido a bien admitir este blog, en una lista en la que hay grandes bloggers ingleses, como Samizdata, The Devil's Kitchen o An Englishman's Castle. Un privilegio para el blog que agradezco sinceramente, que acentúa aún más (si cabe) mi independencia como blogger.


I really thank John for admitting me in the Scorched Earth blogroll. It's a real priviledge for me.