Venezuelan blogger killed by the police

viernes, febrero 01, 2008

Thanks to Martha Colmenares:
A Venezuelan colleague has died because of a "police error".
Pericles José Ortiz Calles, lost his life when the Police took him by a common robber. Pericles, Systems Ingenieur, worker and father of three daughters was killed when the police was doing vigilance functions, but they lost the target. The police is to protet and to shelter us, but this is not the first time they have committed errors of this nature.
His cousin has written:
A Systems Ingenieur died in an alleged confrontation with civil servants from the Scientific, Criminal and Criminalistc Investigation Corps, from Barquisimento, some kilometers away from Acarigua, apparently when he was mistaken by a criminal, something which has shocked the Portuguesa State where the victim was widely known.

The tragedy was registered in the sector called Agua Blanca, Troncal 5 or highway Barquisimeto-San Carlos de Cojedes, on Tuesday's night and it wasn't till Wednesday night when the corpse of the unfortunate was given to his relatives, telling them they had to look closely at it as a part of the investigative process.

On Tuesday it was not possible to obtain an official information about what has happened to him, so journalists just run what the witnesses and relatives have given to them.

According to their words, the civil servants, which were driving a normal car, without any distinctive, a bourbon-colored Fiat Sienna, intercepted the car after someone driving a motorcycle gave him a bag. Supposedly, the car's driver shot them, answering them back with the fatal result.

When some other policial bodies from Portuguesa arrived at the scene, the people from the commission would have told them that it was someone wanted by the police, the man who had confronted them. But after that his corpse was recognised as belonging to 36-year-old Pericles José Ortiz Calles, living in Villas del Pilar (Araure), working at a rice processor and who was going to begin working at an electricity company Edelca in its computing area.

Now, after they killed him, the Police is accusing him of being a narco-dealer, when he never had any criminal record.

What happens? That Mr Ortiz Calles was a reknown blogger. He was the cousin of the co-founder and webmaster of Veneblogs, one of the most important aggregators of Venezuelan blogs. He was a decent type. But now, the Police, who killed him, even if it was an "error", instead of acknowledging that, is trying to tell everyone that he was a narco. Terribly shameful.

The news of his murder have been around Venezuelan blogosphere and MSM since then:
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