Women's Day: The courage of Iranian women

jueves, marzo 08, 2007

Iranian women had been protesting throughout all this week. Of course, this is not the first time and the demonstrations have had similar results.

It all began when women where protesting the imprisonment of some other women who were beaten and arrested last year when they were demanding their rights at a protest.

[...] "half an hour after the protestants gathered in silence, two Police officers, one not wearing Police uniform [an icon of the intelligence forces] and a black-wearing woman approached the participants and tore apart their banners while swearing. Then, they confiscated one of the participants’ cell phone and told them to leave the place immediately, because “it is ordered from the above”. According to the latest news [at the time of writing], a Police officer is pushing, beating, and swearing to the protestants. He has been heard saying “we will arreast you all” and “we will hang you all from trees“.

A truly multicultural expression from the country who invented the Dialog between Civilizations.

Result? 50 arrests were made. The police officers hit one of the demonstrators, activist Nahid Jafari, in the van where she and the others where trasported and they were broke her teeth. Now they are denying her any medical assistance (a very similar procedure to the one used with Ahmad Batebi).

Nahid Jafari

They were afterwards transferred to the "Social Corruption Office" and then to the Evin Prison.

The women started a hunger strike.

Their relatives asked for information about them, because the authorities had not told them anything.

All but three were freed on condition the could not demonstrate today, the International Women's Day. But they have demonstrated and the police have repressed them, although they have not been succesful in removing them. At least two of them have been violently beaten with batons.

Meanwhile on Thursday morning, teachers also gathered in front of parliament in their third protest in a week demanding raises and asking that colleagues fired for political reasons, as many as 1,500 only in Kurdistan, be given their jobs back.


Desde hace una semana, las profesoras iraníes se están manifestando pidiendo un aumento de salario y en solidaridad con varias colegas (hasta 1.500 en Kurdistán) que han sido despedidas por razones políticas. También pedían la libertad de varias otras mujeres que fueron arrestadas el año pasado para pedir más derechos.

Cuando llevaban menos de media hora, aparecieron dos oficiales de policía, uno de ellos sin uniforme (lo que indica que era de la temida policía secreta) y rasgaron sus pancartas mientras les insultaban. Confiscaron el teléfono móvil de una de las protestantes y les amenzaron con arrestarlas y colgarlas de un árbol.

Pero las amenazas no tuvieron efecto así que les arrestaron. Ya en el coche, rompieron los dientes de la activista iraní Nahid Jafari y, después, le negaron asistencia médida. Fueron conducidas primero a la Oficina de Corrupción Social y luego a la temida prisión Evin de Teherán.

Los familiares de las detenidas solicitaron información.

Todas menos tres fueron puestas en libertad, bajo la condición de que no podían manifestarse. Pero lo han hecho y la policía ha vuelto hoy mismo a reprimir con fuerza la manifestación. 2 de ellas han sido violentamente pegadas con bastones.

Todo un canto a la Alianza de las Civilizaciones o a la verdadera democracia iraní, como hay algunos que llaman a la teocracia islámica.

Gateway Pundit: Iranian Women Arrested at Tehran Courthouse Protest

The women were protesting the arrest of 5 women from last year's Womens Rights protest. 25 women were arrested outside a courthouse in Tehran earlier today.

Kamangir (Archer) - کمانگیر » Blog Archive » Police Violence in Iran against Activist Women (Updated)

A calm protest in front of the Revolution’s Court was attacked violently by the Police. Here are a few news on the incident.

Gateway Pundit: Iranian Officials Break Teeth of Prominent Womens Rights Activist

The police officers hit Nahid Jafari's head to the police van and as a result of such violent actions, her teeth broke and the officers are currently refusing to take her to the emergency room.

Iranian Prospect

After a long wait in front of Evin Prison, families of arrested women issued a statement, requesting the authorities to provide information. The statement expresses: “With 24 hours past the arrest of 33 journalists and women’s rights activists, as their families, we continue to have no information about their situation. Ever since the arrests took place, we have been unable to receive any responsible communication about the situation of those detained, and in spite of the cooperative promises of several judicial and police authorities, no news has been disclosed to their families in attendance by Evin Prison. As family members of the detained individuals, we request immediate release of information about their circumstances, and hope to see them released as soon as possible.”

Nevertheless, in late hours of last night, authorities contacted several families and instructed them to appear at the court for bail proceedings.

Gateway Pundit: Iranian Teacher's Protest Continues- Women's Rally Turns Violent!!

Witnesses in parliament's Baharestan square reached on the phone by Adnkronos International (AKI) said police tried to remove the women by force, in vain. Fatemeh Govarai and Marzieh Mortazi Langharoudi, two of the 31 released from jail, were violently hit with batons by plainclothes officials.

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