Well, this is respect for... who?

viernes, febrero 16, 2007

I'm amazed each time I read something like this:

Cross is Offensive BUT sex show is art.

The cross in the Wren Chapel had to go because it offended an unspecified (and undocumented) number of people on the William and Mary Campus. However, on the 12th of February the school hosted the "Sex Workers Art Show." This from the current issue of the Flat Hat:

The Sex Workers' Art Show is a cabaret-style production featuring nine performers who also happen to be employees or former employees of the sex industry. The artists present a live art exhibition that includes spoken word, burlesque and multimedia performances.

Sex-related issues and awareness of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community are addressed in the show.

Several professors are requiring students in their classes to attend the show. All students enrolled in Introduction to Women's Studies and in music professor Sophia Serghi's Performance Art Ensemble are among at least 100 students required to attend the show.

The appeal of the show is that it creates a forum for students to embrace the idea of sexual art forms and dismiss any qualms about the topic. "It's a sex-positive event - pro-woman, pro-queer - and it brings sex issues to the forefront," Barker said.

Some Have Hats comments on the subject:

Well, that's good to know, because when I was in college, no one ever mentioned sex. (Right.) And it's important to keep sex issues in the "forefront," otherwise students might get distracted by thoughts of history, philosphy, economics, government or, may the Force forbid it, religion.

I think I do not have to comment this...

You can sign a petition for saving Wren Cross. (image below).

Gateway Pundit has more on the subject.

[It's another sign that there is no respect for religion in general. When they speak about respect for Islam -example, Mohammed cartoons-, there is nothing but fear of being beheaded by some foolish Islamists].

This affair reminds me something I read over at Fausta's blog when commenting the Vagina Monologues.

The Monologues defines healthy sexuality as the selfish pursuit of sexual pleasure and encourages audiences to become connoisseurs and voyeurs of all manner of sexual experience. In doing so, the play champions the very commodification of sex that endangers women - including those trapped in a sex trade driven by our culture's insatiable appetite for unlimited and instant sexual gratification. Ensler may have intended to extol the best virtues of women, but she wound up imitating the worse vices of men.

That is, prêt-a-porter sex, just as Kleenex or clothes or shoes... It is a good reflection for post-St. Valentine's day (in Egypt, Prophet Muhammad's Day, Eurabians should be considering that change in the calendar, after the clothes' change ;) ).

Traducción: En un campus americano, William and Mary campus, quitaron una cruz porque ofendía a una serie de personas (sin decir qué personas o qué número de personas), pero después están obligando invitando a los alumnos a acudir a un evento en el que empleados o antiguos empleados de la industria del sexo realizarán representaciones de cualquier tipo de acto sexual. Incluso habrá proyecciones multimedia. Dicen que es un evento pro-mujer y pro-diversión.

Me quedo a cuadros... A mí no me parece nada pro-mujer. A mí me parece más pro-industria del sexo... Otro evento muy desinteresado, por lo que veo. Es un signo más de que frente al Islam no existe respeto, existe miedo frente al degüello.

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