Is Venezuela rationing food?

domingo, marzo 04, 2007

The other day I wrote about the case of two women who were arrested because they refused to be marked in the belly's skin in order to control the quantity of food they have bought -a normal procedure in the supermarket, these days-. Well, looks like Venezuela is imitating Cuba and is rationing the food people can have (HT: Martha Colmenares):

Things are just getting so similar to castrist's bitter reality. As you may know, Castro, obliged by the critical situation in eating matters, due to the well-known shortages (some of them have been diminished by the wasting uses of the wealthy Venezuelan mate), does not have other solution but to use this tool of rationing. So, the user capacity or desire, of being able to buy, not excesively, but what he really needs or wants, for his daily normal feeding, must be subdued to rationing.

Venezuelan Government alleges that it is an operation by which anyone can sell, giving regulated prices, the subsidized food. Some commercial sectors see it, though, as a perverse measure aimed to pressure the stablished merchants (as it is the case of the Quinta Crespo and Guaicaipuro's markets, in Caracas) to sell suffering losses. In both of this wholesellers there are shops who sell food organised by the Government.

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