Friday's protests and new developments

domingo, marzo 04, 2007

As you know, on Friday, there were several protests througout Spain because of De Juana's caused by blackmail humanitarian release.

Requiescat in Pace (Sleep in Peace - what it is said to the dead) State of Law

You can see some of these protests in the movement:

León (by According to phestar, there were between 8.361 and 11.148 persons [considering 3 or 4 persons by square meter], which is a very important amount of people as this city has around 150.000 inhabitants.

Vigo: Elentir reports about the protest and has video and photos.

Ciudad Real: Looks like there were also 3.000 people protesting.

Alicante: Government's Delegate, Etelvina Andreu -Government's Administrative representative- tried to end by force the protest. A Police chief arrived at the place and firstly asked the protesters to have a much more "discrete" presence. But when he was ordered again to end the protest by force, the policeman, however, answered that it was too dangerous, as a great confrontation, could taken place. The concentration lasted for another 20 minutes. [HT Elentir]

[NOTE: Etelvina Andreu is also the Socialist candidate to the Alicante's Majorship].

Jerez: 1.000 people -organization said 3.000-.

Madrid: Prevost continues with his report -to whom I made reference yesterday-, telling that protesters went afterwards to Ferraz, where Socialist Party has its central quarters to protest. El Cerrajero has more videos of the event.

Remembering Antonio Lancharro Reyes, Civil Guard killed in the ETA terrorist attack of Republica Dominicana square, one of De Juana's victims.

EL MUNDO has a recolection of more places where there were also events to protest De Juana's 2nd grade.

Ex-President José Mª Aznar, in Murcia.

The police had denounced that last weekend De Juana was having "intimate communications" with his girlfriend, even if he wasn't allowed to do that. But the Interior Ministry had issued an order to let his girlfriend stay with him all day and night, something which is not allowed to any other prisoner. Here you can see the video (HT: Martha Colmenares).

But the actual development of De Juana Chaos' case is having another repercussions. If yesterday 10 prisoners from Almería announced they were also on hunger strike (they are marijuana dealers), they are not the only ones. Another 4 common prisoners from Galicia are also on hunger strike (HT Elentir).

Another 30 prisoners in Castellón have not obeyed the prison rules and are demanding the application of similar rules than that of De Juana. Penitentiary Institutions' Direction has alerted civil servants to be on guard as new protest could begin in a near future.

But Zapatero maintains that this decision was not taken because of fear but because of responsibility.

And Otegi -the spokesman from Batasuna- wants more: "without Navarra, we do not want anyhing". He has asked the Government to act with ambition.

"Abertzale" left has presented publicly in Pamplona (Navarra), their proposal to "a democratic scheme for Euskal Herria", in an event in which Batasuna speaker, Otegi, has stated that "from agreement to negotiation, the final goal in to build a Basque, socialist, euskaldun State". During his speech he has also made clear that Navarra's annexation is conditio sine qua non in their project.

He also asked for the abolition of the Political Parties Law -the one who made possible the illegalization of Batasuna, because they HAVE NOT YET condemned violence- and to put an end to the dispersion politics -ETA prisoners must be as far as possible from the Basque Country- and the Supreme Tribunal doctrines.

During the anti-war campaign before Zapatero was elected President, a lot of people were hit, insulted, menaced... and Zapatero, once President, declared that they were using their freedom of expression.

"A dead militant from PP, a happy basque separatist" (anti-Iraqi war campaign) -thanks to snipfer, I really could not see it...-

That thing always gave me the creeps, because for me, to menace and to insult, is the opposite to freedom. You are trying to make other people feel fear (personally or physically) and fear and freedom are not very compatible from my view (in fact, they are opposite).

So some idiots have attacked a PSOE office. And PSOE's Organization's Secretary, Pepiño Blanco -image below-, has blamed the PP, because "their extremist statements are booming the far-right".

Well, we are just improving: some months ago, PP was the far-right.

But, of course, this is not the worst thing that PSOE has said about PP: the Basque President of the Socialist Party has accused PP of being trying to give a coup d'etat. He has also asked for policial escort to defend Socialists from far-right people.

Hmmm, how many more stupidities are we going to listen? Look here: if people from far-right, with whom, in my case, I do not have anything to do, come to the demonstrations and stay there PEACEFULLY, even if I do not like that they come, what do we want us to do? Kill them? Make them leave? Call the police?

So Prevost posts this cartoon:

[Zapatero is Poncius Pilatos and asks the people Who should I free: Jesus or De Juana?]

More than 80 flower bouquets and some candles have been placed in Madrid by anonymous citizens, where De Juana Chaos killed people, with messages like "Zapatero, dimission" and "Zapatero, not in my name".

2 out of three Spanish citizens reject the 2nd grade given to De Juana and 58% considers that Zapatero has caved into blackmail.

Other related question is how this Government is going to continue the persecution of ETA terrorism. What is clear is that the Government is going to use Otegi's offer as a triumph of "peace".

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