Pro-ETA terrorists' supporters ask for more demands

jueves, marzo 01, 2007

Now that they have succeded in the De Juana Chaos' subject, they are asking:

Askatasuna's speaker considered that it is "in the hands of the Spanish Government maintain the position of confrontation as it is now or put everything to resolve politically this conflict, that is, respecting all the rights that assist the imprisoned men and women". So he reclaimed "the inmediate freedom" of 6 ill prisoners "who are in a grave situation", the deactivation of the Parot's doctrine and the reagroupment of the Basque political prisoners in Euskal Herría".

He has also asked about the "circumstances in which the prisoner is going to live from now on".

[...] The sanitary personnel from Doce de Octubre Hospital has said that he was not [...] as slim as the Times' pictured him. His grilfriend, 2 agents from Civil Guard, a sanitary worker and 2 other people, probably policemen not in uniform, took the prisoner to the ambulance, in which 3 other people were with him.

[Image from etb, the Basque TV].

Also on Sunday, De Juana was in the shower 40 minutes with his girlfriend...

The people are outside the Ministry of Interior singing "ZP Hear, Spain is not on sell", "Zapatero, dimission", "coward", "With ZP, killing is free". They are also carrying Spanish flags and placards with the photo of PP councilman Miguel Ángel Blanco, followed by the question "Was it worth that the Government (Aznar's) did not cave into appeasement?".

Mariano Rajoy speaks: "ETA has achieved to dominate the Government; I ask Spanish people to repair this Justice debt".

Socialist Antonio María Aguirre has called on fellow partisans to make an "ethic rebellion against this Government and the directives of this Government".

DENAES(The Fundation for the Defense of the Spanish Nation, founded to protect Spain from radical nationalists) has declared that this Government "does not represent the Spanish society who is just nervous because of a decision that shows the extent of the appeasement of this Government to terrorists".

More reactions: The Basque Government considers it a very good decision from a humanitarian point of view [the Government belongs to Basque Nationalist Party, one of whose leaders, Arzalluz, said referring to ETA's terrorists: "They are moving the tree, we will receive the fruits"]. United Left [errr, that is, that party who wants to indict Aznar as a war criminal because of Iraqi war] also considers this a very good decision and that PP is a "hypocrite".

Madrid Major, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, considers this "the worst error of Zapatero since he was elected". Autonomous Community of Madrid's President, Esperanza Aguirre, said "that today is the saddiest day of the Spanish democracy since 23-F" [when Tejero -and some others- directed a coup d'état against democracy].

The speakers from Police and Civil Guard Unions have also expressed their rejection of the measure but that they have to fulfill is as it comes from the Law, the Tribunals and the Penitentiary Institutions.

ABC points the finger at Zapatero:

ETA is going to receive a message that hits the basis of the State: blackmail functions, the Government is caving in and the violence is efficient. From December 30th, day in which 2 Ecuador citizens were killed by ETA -tragedy that we have to underline as this two victims have dissapeared from the Government's speeches-, all the chapters of the "appeasement peace process" have been re-born: the constant impunity of Batasuna, the certainty that the will be in the next elections -May 27th-, the PSOE's support for the release of De Juana Chaos, the n-time Otegi has been rehabilitated by the President, the anti-democratic margination of PP, the consideration of the proposals from the Abertzale left about the new political situation and, as it is clear, the abscence of a true anti-terrorist policy, that unites legal reforms, judicial action, policial operations and international initiatives.

AVT feels that they have been "gravely slighted" by the Government and adds that this could have "umpredictable consequences".

Blogger Politeia writes:

Some bombs explode in Atocha and we just run off Irak. An ETA prisoner did not want to eat and Rubalcaba sends him home. Our killed people and the State of Law will not suffer this last cession. He did not have any illness, simply he said that he did not want to eat and he had penitentiary privileges that are denied to all the rest of the prisoners.

From Anghara's blog:

Penitentiary Center for Preventive Detained (Melilla)

Personal Data

Surname: De Juana Chaos (Basque Political Prisoner)

Name: Iñaki.

Solicited item:

Considering the forced retirement of the Fraco's supporter, Anti-Basque, Tomás Caballero Pastor, as an extraordinary celebration, I ask if I can be given:

1 bottle of champaigne (French)

1 cake

1 kg of seafruit.


Run! Run! Go to tell ABC newspaper. I am very happy.

Tomás Caballero Pastor was UPN speaker in the Majorship of Pamplona (Union of the Navarra's People, similar to PP, center-right) who was killed by ETA the same day De Juana was asking for a special celebration. He said in the Majorship from Pamplona (Navarra):

"All the ideas should be said freely and defended by the word and the reasoning. They want us to be in fear and to run away from here, but they are not going to succeed. It is necessary that all democratic people unite themselves to confront the murderers and their supporters. We are not going to let them rule the majority of this society by fear and murder".

Oh, yes, as you see a very dangerous man... This is his photo:

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