De Juana is given the second grade for humanitarian reasons

jueves, marzo 01, 2007

If yesterday I was writing about the sexual encounters between De Juana and his girlfriend, today the Government has freed De Juana by giving him the second grade. The Associations Pro-Amnesty are preparing to receive him as a hero. Association Foro de Ermua asks for the dimission of the President and the civic rebellion.

UPDATE: He has been received with Basques flags by some people in favour of Basques imprisioned [terrorists]. Looks like he knew he was going to be at home by February.

Victims saythey are angry and in grief.

Popular Party accusses the Government of humiliating the victims to save the "appeasement peace process". It is possible they will call people to a demonstration for the first time against the Government.

De Juana leaves the hunger strike. Oh, so he was in one? So where did he get the strength to communicate with his girlfriend?

Bloggers' reactions:

At last, De Juana will be able to maintain "intimate conversations" in his home (anghara)

De Juana ascote ( "When he will be at home, will he send his lover to the supermarket or will the taxpayer's money paying for him?"

Black lace for Spain. Spanish Government caves into ETA terrorism (Cartas y artículos).

ZP, terrorist gang collaborator (El Cerrajero).

The moral lowness of the Socialists (Desde el Exilio). Luis links to other people who express the same blunt lack of understanding as me and others. For example:

-I take this as the most important proof that the Government has just caved into the murderers/killers gang (Batiburrillo).

-The elections will speak about this. What we cannot doubt now is that the soft Spanish leader has been kissing with the blackmailing killer (Luis de Amézaga).

-Lists the names of the 25 victims of this serial killer (Ajopringue).

-Zapatero has made a hero of De Juana (Huber).

This is one of the news that have angered me most since I began this blog (Jaime Arenas).

Now, Spanish criminals, you know what you have to do to go free (Zp no es bueno y lo sabeis).

Treason has name and face (Esto no se puede aguantar).

Mortal blow to State of Law (Zp el Espantajo manda España al carajo).

They have done it (Derecha y República).

They freed De Juana Chaos, the responsible for 25 killings (El Blog de Martha Colmenares).

Event today outside the Interior Ministry in Madrid at 20.00 to protest this decision (Elentir).

Ummhhh! What peace I am breathing? (A la calle que ya es hora)

Here comes De Juana (Zapaterías Rimadas).

Civic rebellion, now! (Ciudad Real, hoy).

Where was PSOE (Socialists) when De Juana was killing? (Reflexiones de la era ZP).

Considering this decision, Foro de Ermua asks Zapatero to resign and calls for an extension of the civic rebellion (Foro Liberal).

Gathering before the Interior Ministry (Liberales Irredentos).

A video against the decision (Prevost).

There are no legal or humanitarian reasons for this measure. And the fact that Popular Party also freed some terrorists -this time by humanitarian reasons, I add- is not the reason to do the same if it's wrong (Amor, Patria y Libertad).

March 1st, Day of the Martyr San Ignacio De Juana Chaos -ironically, of course- (Soy Español y no me avergüenzo de ello).

The value of the PSOE's swears (Caballero ZP).

Foro de Ermua asks the people who are going to attend the gathering to bring something to sleep on (La Tortilla de Patata).

The beginning of the end (El desgobierno que viene). Zapatero has made no comments...

When killers are set loose in the streets and the honourable people is indicted (Alianza entre Mamones).

What is the debt? (Criterio).

And International MSM:

BBC: ETA hunger-striker returning home (Ughhhhhh) A ver españolitos, una carta para la BBC que tiene el MORRO de no llamarle si no "prisionero en huelga de hambre" o "Prisionero separatista vasco". La página para hacer la protesta aquí.

The same title is made in The Times. The Times también recoge lo mismo. Me cagüen...

In this moments I love Blas de Lezo. And forgive me all the British decent people...

Spanish MSM: El Mundo, ABC,

Other posts on De Juana:

De Juana will be freed for humanitarian reasons.

AVT will be demonstrating next Saturday.

ETA real victims, an intelligent quote and some stupid ones.

Batasuna bans Amnesty International.

The New Spanish Minister of Un-Justice.

The importance of ideologues.

Prosecutor renounces because he does not want to diminish punishment of ETA terrorist De JUana.

Bloody terrorist ends hunger strike and the Prosecutor's office asks for diminishing his imprisonment.

"Take care of the asleep lady [Spain]. You can not imagine her rage and fury" (Talleyrand to Napoleon, before the French invasion of Spain in 1808. You know, how everything ended...).

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