ETA real victims, an intelligent quote and some stupid ones

domingo, febrero 18, 2007

The hurt man in the image is Genaro, an elite policeman from TEDAX (the Spanish unit who is expert in explosives) after being hurt in a explosion caused by a bomb. The author of the explosion was the ETA Terrorist De Juana, now "emaciated, pledging for peace", acording to the assholes from the Times.

As Chesk tells us:

June 12th 1985. ETA kills with shots from an sub-machine gun to the Army Colonel Vicente Romero and his chauffer, Juan García Jiménez, when they where in his official car. The terrorists left a trap bomb in the car with which they fled, in whose explosion dies the policeman from the TEDAX unit Esteban del Amo.

Genaro was Esteban's police partner, the one who died in the explosion. He saved his life because Esteban put himself between him and the bomb and the bomb effects were partial on his body. Of [the hero, I add] Esteban only some pieces could be found. Genaro rejected the Interior Minister, Barrionuevo [Socialist], when the latter went to visit him; he had suffered both from physical and psycological after-effects, after having to stay at home with some artificial grafted skin to social aisolation: no compensation, no acknowledgement, nothing similar.

Well, some people don't clearly difference one thing from another. For example, Alvaro Cuesta, expressing himself in a quote that can fully be considered as the [stupid] quote of the day, says:

El secretario de Política Municipal del PSOE, Álvaro Cuesta, criticó este sábado que el presidente del PP, Mariano Rajoy, "en ocasiones use el mismo razonamiento" que el portavoz de Batasuna, Arnaldo Otegi, "cuando se refiere a la Justicia", en un intento de "coaccionar a los jueces para que no se aplique la ley".

Some days ago, I wrote the PP respected but did not agree about the reduction of the punishment to De Juana Chaos. Well, I translate: the Socialist Secretary for the Local Policy, Álvaro Cuesta "has critisized Popular Party's President, Mariano Rajoy, because "ocassionally he uses the same reasoning" that Batasuna's speaker, Arnaldo Otegi, "when referring to Justice", trying to "coerce the judges not to apply the law".

I do not think I need to comment further on this...

I have to congratulate today José María Fidalgo, the President of CCOO, one of the 2 biggest Spanish unions (the other is UGT, which is Socialist...) who has reminded Zapatero that the majority of Spanish people are against the negotiation and that is normal that society does not want a murderer in the streets. [And someone who has menaced with death, remarking that he is an ETA terrorist...]

Anyway, Zapatero continues with the negotiation BUT has reminded the abertzale left that without violence nothing could be done [then the terrorist of attack of Dec 30th, was a kiss...]... the same day, Mr. Monterde, one of the Judges that reduced the punishment to De Juana Chaos says "we did what we thought that should be done", acknowledging in the same time that the murderer can be in the streets in a very near future. Asked about the difference between the punishment imposed by the National Court (12 years, terrorist menaces) and the Supreme Tribunal (3 Years, non-terrorist menaces), Mr. Monterde said that "it has been caused because the NC considered the menaces were made against some persons and the ST considers that they were made against a colective". Apart from the fact that the menaced persons were named fully (name, surname and job), I do not think that is the difference between terrorist and non-terrorist menaces...

Of course, then he says that Justice is independent... blah, blah....

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