De Juana will be freed for humanitarian reasons

jueves, marzo 01, 2007

After the concentration of last Saturday (which was really a success, see videos here and photos here), De Juana was found in his hospital bed having "an intimate communication" with his girlfriend -photo, below- on Saturday at 23.00. When they were reprimanded by policemen and asked to stop, they did not even consider paying attention so they were separated and the girlfriend was taking out of the room.

The Batasuna-ETA's propaganda said that De Juana, in a virile and brave act, had retired his way to be fed from his nose, because he was protesting as freedom had not been granted to him ... yet. The real cause was that he was separated in the middle of the "intimate communication".

Afterwards, on Sunday they were again "caught in the act" at 16:30, but this time they obeyed the policemen.

Spanish Interior Minister has maintained after this that De Juana does not have any privileges. [Of course not, comparing with the rest of the imprisoned guys who have to ask for a permission for having sexual encounters and can only do it in places specially set for that purposes...]

Anyway, De Juana is going to be on the streets again before next Tuesday. The only reason for this is that Zapatero wants to minimise the effect the excarcelation of the bloody ETA terrorist could have in the Local and Autonomous Community elections which will be held on May 27th.

If you want to help decent Spanish people, please sign the petition Hazte has made. The text says that the bloody terrorist has not ask for forgiveness, has not repented from his crimes and, nevertheless, he has had a lot of privileges in prison. The letter finishes asking that the terrorist should finish his punishment till the last day.

Thanks to Elentir (1 y 2).

And a lot of leftists are happy about this.... What a shame!

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