Batasuna bans Amnesty International

jueves, febrero 15, 2007

As I wrote some days ago, Amnesty International had refused to support bloody ETA terrorist De Juana because someone who had killed so many people could hardly be considered as a "conscience prisoner".

As a result, the supporters of ETA terrorist organization are organising a boicott campaign against AI. As Elentir says, you are not alone in your quest against ETA terrorists.

But it is very grave that in this same day Socialist deputees of EU Parliament have presented a project -later removed because of lack of support- to remove Batasuna from the list of international reknown terrorist organisations. At the same time, Otegiannounces they will again be at the next elections with a great "electoral mark", that is believed is going to be "abertzale left", a very good way not to tell people what they are: marxist-lenninist organization who wants to build a new Cuba in the Basque Country.

Socialists can go no lower than they are now.

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