ETA victim Irene Villa leaves public life

sábado, marzo 03, 2007

Terra reports that Irene Villa, a symbol against ETA terrorism, is leaving public life -although she will keep on her collaborations with the Terrorism Victims' Association (AVT)-, because she feels "hurt, mistreated just for reclaim some rights".

She was hurt by ETA terrorists on October 17th, 1991, when she lost her two legs and three fingers of one hand, at 12 years old. Her mother lost 1 leg and an arm. That same day ETA killed the Land Army Colonel Francisco Caballar and maimed gravely the Artillery Commander Rafael Villalobos.

Irene Villa, after the terrorist attack

Her appearance in all demonstrations against Zapatero's negotiation with ETA and her public appearances and speeches on the radio had made of her a symbol for "memory, dignity and justice", the slogan that AVT chose for the anti-negotiation demonstrations.

Both her and her mother are going into exile to Colombia and Canada, respectively.

Irene Villa, today, in one of the demonstration against the negotiation with ETA.

HT: Daniel Tercero.

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