Egypt charges nuclear engineer with spying

martes, abril 17, 2007

I blogged some days ago about the Muslim countries' pursue of nuclear power. Today Deustche-Welle publishes this:

Source: Egypt charges nuclear engineer with spying

Egyptian authorities have charged a nuclear engineer at the country's Atomic Energy Agency with spying for Israel. An Irishman and a Japanese national are also facing charges. A prosecutor told a news conference in Cairo that 35-year-old Mohamed Sayed Saber Ali had stolen important documents with the aim of handing them over to Israel's Mossad intelligence service.


Las autoridades egipcias han acusado a un ingeniero nuclear que trabajaba en la Agencia de la Energía Atómica de espiar para Israel. Un irlandés y un japonés también han sido acusados. Un fiscal dijo en una conferencia de prensa en el Cairo que Mohammed Sayed Saber, de 35 años de edad, ha robado importantes documentos para entregárselos al servicio de inteligencia de Israel, el Mossad.