The arrest of Abu Izadeen

martes, mayo 01, 2007

I have written this moning about Abu Izadeen, that man who lives on social benefits (receives £700 a month) and yet he is searching for 3 more wifes (he is already married) on the Internet. You can see this video about his arrest (h/t 910 blog: Vigilant Freedom):

It is very interesting what the video says: he did not have any interaction with his neighbour except for one incident in which he demanded a lady to take off the Christmas lights. That is respect and Civilizations' Alliance...

UPDATE: We cannot sit back and let Sharia law take root in Britain. h/t Free Thoughts.
In a political climate of craven appeasement towards Muslim extremism, the Islamification of our country is steadily accelerating. Across large swathes of urban Britain, Muslim practices, customs, schooling and dress-codes now prevail. But perhaps the most dramatic indicator of this process comes from the West Yorkshire town of Dewsbury, where Muslim elders have decided to set up their own Islamic court to impose Sharia law in civil disputes within their communities.
The establishment of Sharia law will only increase the trend towards Muslim separatism. The Government is partly to blame as its enthusiastic promotion of the dogma of cultural diversity has encouraged ethnic minority groups to cling to their own traditions rather than embrace Britain’s. But the self-styled community leaders of Dewsbury are also displaying a repellent arrogance towards British law, which they seem to believe is inferior to their own code.
Well, if they really think Sharia law is better than our own, why don’t they go and live in some brutal theocracy such as Saudi Arabia rather than trying to destroy the judicial fabric of Britain? It is sickening that they want to have it both ways: enjoying the fruits of our prosperous society while demanding that their superstitious, barbaric, mis­ogynistic ideology be given official legal status.
Yes, I could not say it better.

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