Prince Charles wants a WWII against climate change

martes, mayo 01, 2007

From Breitbart:

Prince Charles compared the challenge of tackling climate change to the Allies' struggle in World War II during a speech to business leaders Tuesday.

Addressing representatives from firms including Barclays Bank, British Airways and Rolls-Royce at Saint James's Palace, Charles said that "we need to act very rapidly indeed" to avert environmental disaster.

"We can do it, just think what they did in the last war. Things that seemed impossible were achieved almost overnight," the heir to the throne added.

Charles has long harboured a passionate interest in green issues -- he has described climate change as "the biggest threat to mankind" while facing criticism that his own lifestyle does not match his rhetoric.

Read also: Barcepundit: an insurgent group wants to be generous with Prince Harry who is heading to Iraq and have said they "are going to give him back to the Queen, with no ears". Hmm, I understand why he says it would be better that that threat would have been issued against Prince Charles (left after being crowned as Prince of Wales).

I guess he will be spreading this new WW against climate change to Mars, as it is heating very rapidly and scientists consider it could lose the ice cap very quickly (h/t But that's just my opinion).

Oh and you can also read what Civitatensis has about Al Gore and Canada. Very instructive in hypocrisy...

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