The repression grows in Morocco against Saharauis

martes, mayo 15, 2007

From LD:

The Association of relatives of imprisoned and disappeared Saharaui people alerts the International Community of the wave of repression against Saharaui students by the Moroccan authorities in the Universities of Agadir, Marrakech, Casablanca and Rabat. The Polisario points out that we are in front of facts that had no precedent in the past because before the violations of Human Rights were only against the Occupied Sahara (Western Sahara). Among the 30 Saharaui students gravely beaten, the most hardly beaten has been Saltana Khana, 20-years-old (photo, right), who lost an eye after she was beaten by the Moroccan police.
She was just a peaceful demonstrator at the Marrakech University. She was beaten by a police with a stick in the eye. With blood all over her face, she lost conscience and in the floor she was again menaced with death by some other police members. But instead of carrying her to the hospital, she was detained and carried to a police station, her sister has said.

"She will be imprisoned again", Brahim Gali, the representant of Polisario in Spain has said. "This is only a consequence of the anger Moroccan officials have, after the right to determination has been recognised even by UN, without excluding independence", he added.

No Spanish official has condemned these agressions, but Zapatero has said in the past that Morocco "was heading to democracy". There has been another expulsion of PSOE campaign acts because of supporting Sahara: a young man shouted his support and was expelled from the building.