Roots of Islamic terrorism: a comment someone has left in AJP

domingo, mayo 06, 2007

This is a comment a Muslim has left me here:

jihad watch… they r more than 1.5 billion muslims who read the Quran.. ur trying to tell me that we have 1.5 billion terrorists now?? wat are you a fool? they are in a state of depression wat else can they do… some convert to christianity 2 coz they feel better.. others have more anger stored in them and thats wat they do… During the time of slavery.. how many ppl were ready to fight against their olonialist even when they knew abt the outcomes.. same in this situation when ppl are pissed outta their mind they dont think abt the outcome they just do it… life is full of stress bud and thats wat happens..!!

So, the roots of Islamist terrorism are in stress and depression!!! How we could never figure that!!!
So if you are depressed because your boyfriend/girlfriend has left you, or because you have failed to pass an exam, just go and suicide yourself at the local market. And if you are stressed because you are family man/woman, who have to work in 4 or 5 jobs at the same time, have 3 boys at home and your car is not working, just behead someone. You would be much calmer afterwards.
Yes, I begin to understand why some people think the apes are more humans than some humans. It is a pity they have not pointed to the right humans.
[NOTE: In the same post I wrote: "Although I think not ALL Muslims can convert into suicide bombers, certainly the language of the Koram can provoke that some of them -a minority each day greater- can turn into suicide bombers". That reading comprehension...].
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