Hamas and Fatah, clashing … again

lunes, octubre 01, 2007

And we have had clashes errr, how many times now?

Just read this post from Bloodthristy Liberal. An excerpt:

Hamas and Fatah loyalists clashed Saturday at a mosque in the southern Gaza Strip, leaving nine people wounded in the latest flare-up of violence between the two factions, witnesses and medical officials said.

The melee erupted after Hamas tried to replace an independent cleric at a mosque in the town of Khan Yunis with one of its own religious leaders, witnesses said.

Hmm, yeah, the “independent” was not hard enough, eh?? At wits endAnd just to underline their peaceful nature they clash with each other in a mosque…

But that’s not all:

For the past few years, both Fatah and Hamas have been involved in a smear campaign against each other. The two parties have devoted tremendous efforts to manipulate the media, often feeding reporters with false information.

Applause Isn’t this Taquiyya, again???

Traducción: Leales a Hamas y a Fatah lucharon ayer en una mezquita en el sur de la Franja de GAza, dejando a nueve personas heridas en la último episodio de violencia entre las dos facciones, según testigos y equipo médico.

La melée se produjo después de que Hamas intentara reemplazar al clérigo independiente de la mezquita en la ciudad de Khan Yunis por uno de sus líderes religiosos, según los testigos.

Hmm, así que el clérigo independiente, lo era de Hamas y no era suficientemente duro, ¿eh? At wits end