New Spanish Defence Minister wants to limit the freedom of expression of military men in missions abroad (+)

domingo, abril 20, 2008

El Confidencial Digital h/t Elentir:
"As we have already reported from these pages -you can see here the original- the Defense Minister, who is now directed by Carmen Chacón, is annoyed by some military men who are reporting about the real situation of the soldiers in the foreign missions they are taking part, using internet forums and blogs. The disonant opinions are also been registered.

According to sources from the Defense Minister interviewed by El Confidencial Digital, the order to investigate the military corps has already reached the Civil Guard. The received order consists in identifying all the military men who are using a nick.

Some sources are pointing out that, till now, they are only advised to abandon that practice, while cautioning them that "if they relapse in this attitude, it could bring them serious consequences". So the members of the Civil Guard are now digging for information about these military men."
So this is marvellous: the Civil Guard, a State paramilitary organization with one of the best records worldwide in persecuting criminals, are now persecuting soldiers over their ideas posted in internet. This is not only tragic, it's a mockery about both the Army (since when someone can be persecuted because of considering Lebanon's mission is not a "mission of peace" but a WAR? because that's the sort of thing they are advising soldiers not to blog about) and the Civil Guard, whose resources are not focused on persecuting criminals but on persecuting blogging soldiers.

No, the only thing you are allowed to do is to praise our beloved leader Zapatero.

This is a total shame. My opinion of this ECOPACIFIST Minister of Defense is worsening each day that passes. Not only her visit to Afghanistan has been only a part of a marketing strategy, considering her support from a moonbat artist who last year said "he pissed on Spain, the bitch country", but, as she is 7-month pregnant, she has travelled there with a pediatrician, an obstetrician and an anesthetist, payed of course from the Spanish budget, just in case she was giving birth to her son. You know, as very other pregnant woman employed in the Army or in Civil Service if they are sent to a foreign country.

And then they will insist we are equal...

PS: Spanish Army is divided in the "Armada", that is, the Navy, and the Air and the Ground (Tierra) Army. Civil Guard does not belong to the Army (in that sense, we can consider it "paramilitary") but its members have the same status as the Army soldiers. The difference, as it shows, is only based on the State's organization chart.

(+) Patricia ha escrito un muy buen articulo sobre la cuestión en Aragón Liberal:
Para este tipo de investigaciones, la Guardia Civil
suele emplear a la unidad de Ciberterrorismo, dependiente del Servicio
de Información, o bien al Grupo de Delitos Telemáticos de que dispone
la Benemérita, me parece que se equivoca de enemigos, los terroristas
no están en el ejercito, están fuera, alguno incluso ostenta la
alcaldía de un pueblo … por poner un ejemplo.

Y gracias por incluir una dirección al grupo de google.