Irán se pasa al euro: adopta la divisa comunitaria para sus operaciones petroleras - elEconomista.

jueves, mayo 01, 2008

Irán se pasa al euro: adopta la divisa comunitaria para sus operaciones petroleras - elEconomista.

""Todas las operaciones petroleras se están efectuando con el euro y el yen", ha explicado Hojjatollah Ghanimifard, el director de relaciones exteriores de la Compañía Nacional de Petróleo. Iran culmina así su proceso de reducir su exposición al dólar, tras las tensiones desatadas entre Teherán y Washinton por la cuestión nuclear. De hecho, ya en diciembre un portavoz gubernamental iraní había informado de que el 90% de los ingresos obtenidos por las exportaciones de crudo no se realizaron con el billete verde."
Algo que ya había anunciado Irán aquí.
"All the oil operations are being made in euros or in yens" Hojjatollah Ghanimifard has explained. Ghanimifard is the director of foreign relations of the Iranian National Oil Company. Iran finishes this way its process of reducing its exposition to the dollar, after the tensions between Teheran and Wasington because of the nuclear crisis. In fact, last december an Iranian Government speaker informed already that 90% of the revenues obtained by the oil exports weren't made in dollars.

More in CNN.

In Europe, Iran's oil is sold in euros, but both euros and yen are paid for Iranian crude in Asia," said Ghanimifard.

Iran's central bank has also been reducing its foreign reserves denominated in dollars, motivated by the falling value of the greenback and U.S. attempts to make it difficult for Iran to conduct dollar transactions.

U.S. banks are prohibited from conducting business directly with Iran, and many European banks have curbed their dealings with the country over the past year under pressure from Washington.

However, the U.S. has been wary of targeting Iran's oil industry directly, apparently worried that such a move could drive up crude prices that are already at record levels.

Well, this is not something which surprises me at all. As I blogged before and this CNN report says, Iran has been announcing it for months. In fact, Ahmadinejad had already called the dollar a "worthless piece of paper".