Mother of victim of honor killing, shot dead in Iraq

jueves, junio 05, 2008

Just go over to Augean Stables. Read it all. She was the mother of this girl, Rand, the one who just fell in love with a British soldier, named Paul, who only told her she was beautiful. Rand's mother just fled and asked for a divorce:

Leila Hussein lived her last few weeks in terror. Moving constantly from safe house to safe house, she dared to stay no longer than four days at each. It was the price she was forced to pay after denouncing and divorcing her husband - the man she witnessed suffocate, stamp on, then stab their young daughter Rand in a brutal ‘honour’ killing for which he has shown no remorse.

Though she feared reprisals for speaking out, she really believed that she would soon be safe. Arrangements were well under way to smuggle her to the Jordanian capital, Amman. In fact, she was on her way to meet the person who would help her escape when a car drew up alongside her and two other women who were walking her to a taxi. Five bullets were fired: three of them hit Leila, 41. She died in hospital after futile attempts to save her.
Meanwhile the father is free, because "he had contacts in the Government" and has even prided himself of what he did.

The only question I have is why Sharia Law made it to be a source of Law in Irak. That in itself, makes an illusion the alleged "liberation" of Irak.


Luis lo ha posteado en DE. Leila era la madre de Rand, de la que ya hablé aquí. Como ya dije en su momento, el padre está libre porque "tenía contactos con el gobierno". No tengo más que añadir.