Poligamy Recognised in Great Britain!

miércoles, abril 18, 2007

Well, at least they are paying the various wifes of polygamous husbands, without even knowing how many of these marriages there are in Britain.  

O Reino Unido reconhece e recompensa famílias polígamas, revelou o Daily Mail.

Depois de vários anos de acusações e boatos o governo britânico finalmente admitiu que a poligamia existe e é compensada. Imigrantes muçulmanos com famílias polígamas não só podem entrar e ficar legalmente no Reino Unido, mas também recebem assistência social.


Polygamous husbands settling in Britain with multiple wives can claim extra benefits for their "harems" even though bigamy is a crime in the UK, it has emerged. Opposition MPs are demanding an urgent change in the law, claiming that the Government is recognising and rewarding a custom which has no legal status and which is "alien" to this country's cultural traditions.

Officials said yesterday a review was now under way into whether the state should continue to pay out income support, jobseeker's allowance and housing and council tax benefits to 'extra' spouses.

Islamic law allows a man to take up to four wives, providing he can provide for them fairly and equally. But British law only ever recognises one spouse, while bigamy is punishable by up to seven years in jail. However, if a husband and his wives arrive and settle in Britain having wed in a country where polygamy is legal, then the UK benefits system recognises his extra wives as dependents and pays them accordingly.

The Department of Work and Pensions admitted yesterday it had no figures on how many families are claiming for multiple wives. Official DWP guidelines on housing and council tax benefit states: "If you were legally married to more than one partner under the laws of a country that permits this, then your relationship is called a polygamous marriage. "In this case your household consists of you and any partners who live with you and to whom you are married."

Officials were unable to say when the rules were brought in, claiming they had "evolved over decades".

Tory MP for Monmouth David Davies condemned the arrangements as "appalling", and called for an immediate halt to the payments. He said: "People who come to this country must be prepared to abide by our laws and rules. Polygamy is completely alien to our cultural and legal tradition, and it's disgraceful that our benefits system is recognising and rewarding it. "Why are some people in Government falling over themselves to undermine every tradition that has made this country what it is?

Source: Polygamous husbands can claim cash for their harems | News | This is London

Are you shocked to discover that if a husband and his wives arrive and settle in Britain having wed in a country whe<re polygamy is legal, which includes most Islamic countries oddly enough, then the UK benefits system recognises his extra wives as dependents and pays them accordingly? Nope, me neither. Indeed when I then read that the Department of Work and Pensions has admitted it had "no figures" on how many families are claiming for multiple wives, I felt the same sense of despair as when I read that the Home Office has no figures as to how many illegal immigrants are in our country. Polygamy is illegal in the UK Yet the State funds those who practise it!

Source: A Tangled Web.

Well, this is another example of discrimination: why Muslims can be polygamous and the rest of the population is punished for that same reason? I think polygamy is hurtful for the women, as our dignity is totally crushed down. But, in case, we admit the polygamy for Muslims, why the rest of the population can't be polygamous also?

But there is another one: if Islamic tradition lets Muslims be polygamous IF (and only IF) they can provide for their wifes fairly and equally, why on earth the women should have social subsidies? Aren't the husbands obliged to treat them fairly? I just cannot understand the logic... beyond the fact that they are only buying a temporal peace from Muslims. You feel you are discriminated, honorable Muslim? Don't worry, the taxpayers will pay...


Un artículo del periódico inglés Daily Mail, escrito por Melanie Phillips, ha descubierto que en Inglaterra no sólo se admite de hecho la poligamia, sino que se paga a las varias mujeres de los polígamos una sueldo de ayuda, otro beneficio mientras buscan trabajo y casa y otros beneficios fiscales.

La oposición se pregunta cómo se ha llegado a esto si la ley inglesa prohíbe la bigamia. Incluso un diputado ha acusado al Gobierno de estar "haciendo todo lo posible por dinamitar la tradición que ha hecho a este país lo que es". Y la verdad es que la tradición islámica y la británica no son muy compatibles que digamos: mientras que Inglaterra castiga la bigamia con 7 años de cárcel, el Islam permite que se tengan hasta 4 esposas si se tiene medios para alimentarlas bien.

Luego, si el marido tiene dinero para mantenerlas, ¿por qué hay que pagarles subsidios?

Lo peor es que no hay números sobre cuántas personas se están beneficiando de estas ayudas, porque tampoco las hay sobre cuántos matrimonios polígamos hay en Inglaterra.

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