Half a ton of fertilizer: connecting the dots

miércoles, mayo 02, 2007

Found at Nuke's News and Views.
7/7 bombers had connections with Mujahiroun, organization which has served to link UK exporting terrorists with the places where jihad was waged against infidels: Afghanistan, Chechenya, etc. BBC reports about this:

Two things are very clear after seeing this video:
1.- these people consider that the Muslim who does not wage Jihad against Infidels is a hypocrite, as it is the first duty for Muslims.
2.- the survivor of 7/7 says that it is inmoral to let people wage jihad abroad to make UK safe. Well, that is the same Carod-Rovira, chief of Republican Left of Catalonia, agreed with ETA terrorists: ERC (that is ELoCat) would support ETA-Batasuna, and they will not plot terrorist attacks in Catalonia.

More about the demonstration in favour of Abu Izadeen h/t Jihad Watch:
Islamic supporters of six Muslims arrested in London earlier this week today staged a rowdy demonstration outside the top security police station where they are being held.
Dozens of angry demonstrators branded Tony Blair a "terrorist" while carrying banners stating "Sharia Law - the future, free our Muslim brothers" and "Crusade against Islam".
More than 100 Muslim men, women and children gathered outside Paddington Green Police Station in west London where the six suspected Islamic extremists - including firebrand Abu Izzadeen - are beiMuslims Stage Demo Outside Police Stationng detained on suspicion of inciting terrorism and raising funds for terrorism.
The group, dressed in traditional Muslim clothes including veils, chanted in Arabic: "God is the greatest! There is only one God, Allah, and Mohammed is the final messenger of Allah!"Around a dozen uniformed police barricaded the demonstrators inside barriers to keep them away from the main entrance of the police station, but there were no arrests during the one hour demo.[...] "We are here as families and relatives in support of those arrested to give a clear message to Tony Blair that we are not going to tolerate this oppression.
"We are angry and furious. Islamic values have been attacked, Islamic women have been attacked by the Government and there has been a policy of spying on the Islamic community.
"They have raided and closed down Mosques. There have been more than 1,100 people arrested since the introduction of the terror laws after 9/11. We are not going to remain silent anymore."
The organiser of the rally Sayful Islam, aged in
his late 20s, said he was attending the rally because he was "very close" to Rajid Khan, who was arrested in Luton.
More about the MI5 and the 7/7 h/t Jihad Watch: the UK Secret Service has posted in its website a defense of their actions in the 7/7 terrorist attacks:
In an unprecedented move, MI5 placed a "rumours and reality" rebuttal on its website last night, defending its actions. It said: "[Mohammed Sidique] Khan and [Shehzad] Tanweer were never identified during the fertiliser plot investigation because they were not involved in the planned attacks. Rather, they appeared as petty fraudsters in loose contact with members of the plot. There was no indication that they were involved in the planning of any kind of terrorist attack in the UK."

But the leaked transcript of the conversation Mohammed Sidique Khan, the July 7 bomber, had with Omar Kyam, the leader of the fertiliser bomb cell, showed they spent most of the time talking about going to Pakistan and "operations". Only two pages of a 10-page transcript refer to fraud. In the rest, Kyam tells Khan to be careful to obey his emir at the training camp and Khan wonders whether to say goodbye to his child.

And the Telegraph asks: Do we need a surveillance society to ward off terrorism? My answer is NO: criminals and terrorists would evade ever the surveillance while normal people would have to cope with that. This people were under surveillance for 1 year and what does say the MI5? "We did not have any indication that they were planning a terrorist attack". Hein?? So, you have people speaking of Jihad, operations and going to Pakistan -the real danger with Saudi Arabia... not Iran...- and ... there was nothing going on??? Hmmm, I think there would be family mothers (the so-called marujas) who would be more effective than some of these so-called secret services...

Yes, I understand that it should be very frustrating to know what is really happening in your country and abroad and not be allowed to do anything, because multiculturalism is great. This, without considering the illegal immigrants entering with no control: so any could enter and exit and Western countries would have no notion of what is going on. Look to this foolish muhajirounis: they were going back and fro to Pakistan, after speaking about operations and with the added threat of Afghan war against terrorists. They were going to the part of Pakistan which is situated in the frontier with Afghanistan, a part called Waziristan, were Al-Qaeda has been hiding since it was expelled after the military actions against the Talibans began. To this day the operations of allies against Talibans have taken place nearly daily in that part of the country.

A summary of the fertiliser plot:

BBC: MI5 revealed transcript.

British police loses 3 jihadists! But do not worry, they are peaceful warriors, it's the West the one who should be punished... Now, seriously, click in the link and see the videos, specially the last one. Hmm, I feel the love...
British Minister fails war of ideas (English, pdf; para leerlo en español, pinchar aquí).
on the other hand MI5 is not permitted to rattle collecting tins outside Brent Cross, so for the most part they have to make what I'm sure are sometimes split second decisions about where, when and how the resources they have to work with should be allocated to achieve the best possible result. In such circumstances they become pure economists, constantly evaluating how the resources they have can be allocated most efficiently.
You can have a National Health Service or real security, but you can't have both. You can have a welfare state or real security, but you can't have both. You can have a bloated aid budget or real security - but you can't have both.
It is true that budgets alongside Europe have been growing for some things (mainly cultural and social issues) and diminishing in others (security and Army, mostly, considering that violence is something of the past).
Anyway, I am not sure this was only a problem of budgets, but of using the right information. And yes, it is true that it is very easy to know the results after they have happened. But honestly, after reading the bugged conversations, I do not know if I would have acted the same way... I really think not.