Funeral for the Spanish soldiers killed in Afghanistan

miércoles, septiembre 26, 2007

As it also happened when the corpses of the Spanish soldiers killed in Lebanon arrived, the plane with the soliders killed in Afghanistan arrived during the night (at 2:37 a.m.) and Zapatero was not there to receive them. Instead, there were the Crown Prince Felipe and the Vice-Presidente, Ms. De la Vega.

The funerals were held this morning in the official site of the Parachute Brigade, the one the dead belong to, in the Madrid’s village of Paracuellos del Jarama. In the altar: “Honour to all those who gave their lives for Spain“.

h/t Hartos de Zporky.

Spain is sending more troops to Afghanistan:

Defense Minister Alonso said that Spain is in Afghanistan in order to resolve the “equation: security for re-construction” and admitted that the risk troops face is great. Afghani warlords, Taliban, and narco-trafficking all conspire to produce a country that is “unstable and insecure”.

The Spanish troops will help to form two Afghan army battalions at a base some 15 kilometers from Spain’s base at Heart at a cost of 200,000 euros monthly. Reforming the Afghan army, said Alonso, is a “key issue” for the international community. For his part, Gaspar Llamizares of the United Left bloc voted in the Congressional Defense committee against sending more troops to Afghanistan. Llamizares that this is a “gesture” towards the United States on the part of Spain’s ruling Socialist party in the midst of a “deterioration of the situation and an ever-growing commitment in combat missions”.

Uff, Gaspar Llamazares… that lover of Castro is protesting a “gesture” towards USA..

But don’t forget that this is (part of) the price Spain has to pay for Zapatero’s wish to place Gral Sanz Roldán as Chief of the Military Council of NATO. NOT because he has actually changed his consideration for US, for Spanish military -as it can clearly be seen- or any other more accurate reason.