"I would ask the Pope what his idea of family is": Spanish Socialist leader

viernes, enero 11, 2008

Pepiño ha conseguido salir en Catholic News Agency:

A heated debate is taking place in Spain over the meaning of the family. In the wake of a massive pro-family march on December 30 in Madrid, the secretary of the Socialist Party (PSOE), Jose Blanco, has raised the debate’s temperature by asking Pope Benedict XVI to explain to him “just what exactly is the Christian family” and by recommending that “some members” of the Catholic Church “re-read the gospel.”

“As a Christian, I would like the Pope to explain to me just exactly what is the Christian family; maybe by traditional family he means that the woman just stays at home and does housework,” he told Antena 3 TV.

Blanco also called on “some members” of the Church hierarchy to “re-read the gospel,” since in his judgment one cannot “nourish inequality and injustice in the morning, and resolve them by the praying the rosary in the afternoon.”

Some Spanish bishops need to “evolve” in the same way that “Spanish and world society has evolved” in the recognition of rights for greater equality.
In fact he also added that "the majority of the measures Zapatero has taken could be found in the Gospel". The debate now is what measures was referring himself to: gay marriage? adoption by homosexuals? Maybe the negotiation with the terrorists?

Popular Party leader, Mariano Rajoy, has announced he will create a Ministery of the Family and Social Well-being. I don't want more bureaucracy, Mr. Rajoy: I like to hear concrete measures you are going to implement if you are elected.


Hmm, Pepiño va directamente al estrellato...

En cuanto a la propuesta de Mariano Rajoy de que va a crear un Ministerio de la Familia y del Bienestar Social, simplemente una apreciación: no quiero más ministerios, ni más burocracia. Lo que quiero son políticas que apoyen realmente a la familia. No quiero más gastos innecesarios, que ya hay muchos....

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