Spanish Elections Watch (IV): otro día, otra agresión (+) (+)

martes, febrero 19, 2008

I have written about the agressions towards María San Gil and Dolors Nadal, precisely after Zapatero had said that "We need tension for winning the elections". Today it has been Rosa Díez the attacked one.

Previous Socialist, she did not like the negotiation with ETA that Zapatero was doing. So, he left PSOE and founded another party, Unión de Progreso y Democracia (Union of Progress and Democracy). Menaced by ETA, she is considered one of the bravest women in the fight against terrorism.

But today several "leftist youths" have insulted her and tried to boycott her speech and to beat her in Madrid's Universidad Complutense. The agressors belong to a reknown organization of far-left extremers.

Interesting how the Spanish press has reported the "incident": (center-right): More than half a hundred of youths tried to boycot a conference by Rosa Díez. As you can see NO mention in the title to the "try to beat" phase.
Libertad Digital (right): The far left accepts Zapatero's advise and boycotts a conference of Rosa Díez. So, it was actually boycotted or not?
El País (left): A group of students boycott a conference by Rosa Díez. They should have added they were peaceful. :twisted:

In the end they have tried to boycott it and to beat her. They have insulted her. Luckily, they weren't succesful in the boycott and in the beating part. She has said that "the fascists are the ones who are shouting outside". Wrong: this people are far-leftists. It's not that the Nazis are not leftists (Nazional-Socialism) but these ones, the attackers, should be called by what they really are: extremists from the far-left.

The University is NOT going to investigate what happened as there is no one hurt and no one has reported anything to investigate.

It is curious that ONLY the leaders of the political parties which are seeing as a danger for the Socialists are menaced. Is it a coincidence? I don't think so, specially after what Zapatero has advised about the "tension"...

And who is funding these guys? It would be interesting to know that precise thing.

This people are not certainly "students" (even if they call themselves that) because they are NOT studying. They are violent and disrespectful of other people's ideas and beliefs. It is a shame this people are so young and yet SO agressive. Traditionally, the University was a place where any idea (lat. Universitas means "the whole lot", "everything") could be expressed. That's why the dictatorships have supressed that right (the freedom of the Professors to speak freely in University) the moment they arrived at power. Looks like here they are trying to supress that with violence and trying to inspire fear.

Otros denunciando la agresión: Hurssel, Elentir, Nihil Obstat (CAT), UPyD, Ciudadanos en la Prensa,Escaño 51.

(+) The most stupid person in Spanish Socialism, José Blanco, aka Pepiño, has stated that "the agressions should end but only after the elections. No, he has not resigned and that is not possible, though it would be marvellous for all.

(+) Maty critica a porque el portal no ha destacado ninguna de estas agresiones:

Los digitales de los medios tradicionales han publicado la
noticia en
portada, con mayor o menor resalte. Los nuevos digitales también, a
excepción de, que dirige Gumersindo Lafuente. Las tres
noticias nunca han aparecido en portada, nunca.
Periodismo de calidad y al servicio de los lectores... decían que era lo que iba a caracterizar a este nuevo lanzamiento en internet...

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