Shimon Peres, esperanzado ante el posible diálogo con Irán

viernes, noviembre 21, 2008

Así lo señala The Times:
Shimon Peres, the Israeli President who arrives in London tonight, said that his country’s most implacable foe could be brought to the negotiating table depending on a new political climate and economic factors, in particular a falling oil price.
The veteran politician, who turned 85 this summer, also told The Times that he expected Israel to achieve peace with its Arab neighbours within his life time, and even predicted that he would one day visit Damascus and Riyadh.
His upbeat message will no doubt be dismissed by many in the Middle East as the musings of a lifelong optimist. Certainly no recent Israeli leader has expressed any positive view of Iran, whose nuclear policy and support for militant groups is regarded as the major existential threat to the Jewish state.
Digamos que no estoy muy de acuerdo con él: el optimismo es sólo bueno hasta cierto punto. Ahmadine-jihad no quiere que Israel negocie: lo que quiere es que desaparezca del mapa. Y teniendo en cuenta esto aún menos querría yo diálogo...