Al Qaeda amenaza en un vídeo a España por su presencia en Afganistán |

lunes, marzo 12, 2007

Yesterday, I linked to a report of the Real Instituto Elcano, in which they underlined that the menace of a new bloodier terrorist AlQaeda Attack was much more probable than 3 years ago. It also mentioned the posibility of a suicide attack and the consequences the union between Al-Qaeda and the SGPC.

And today: Al-Qaeda menaces Spain in a video because of our presence in Afghanistan. At the same time they have also menaced Austria and Germany. About Austria -who has the enormous amount of FOUR soldiers in Afghanistan- I don't kknow nothing but Luis has made an entry at Desde el Exilio, about the German answer to the Al-Qaeda video: "we are not going to accept any kind of blackmail", has said the German FM Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) with the support of ALL  the political groups (even the Green, learn something Llamazares...).

In the video a masked man reads an statement in which he advises the Austrian Government not to follow the "example of the socialist Government in Spain, who has lied to its people, retiring his troops from Iraq, and sending 600 men to Afghanistan". "The Islam's countries are a unique Nation, and he [for the Spanish Government], sending the [Spanish] troops to Afghanistan has again situated his country at risk".

Spanish Defense Minister, Mr Alonso, has said that a country cannot cave into blackmail (hmm, not a week ago, remember De Juana? Uafghhh!!!), and that Spain has had a lot of menaces in recent times.

So this is a WAR that has been sponsored by UN, sanctified by nearly all reasonable people to free Afghanistan from the Taleban rule. What are going to say the anti-war crowd?

Al Qaeda amenaza en un vídeo a España por su presencia en Afganistán |

Al Qaeda advierte que la presencia de soldados españoles en Afganistán le "expone de nuevo a una amenaza", según un vídeo divulgado en un canal de Internet creado por la red terrorista en 2005 y en el que también anuncia ataques contra Alemania y Austria si no retiran a sus tropas de ese país asiático. En el vídeo aparece un hombre encapuchado mientras lee un comunicado advirtiendo al Gobierno austriaco que "no siga el ejemplo del gobierno socialista en España que ha engañado a su pueblo al retirar a sus tropas de Irak y enviar a otros 600 soldados a Afganistán". "Los países del Islam son una misma nación, y él —en referencia al gobierno español— con el envío de tropas a Afganistán pone en peligro otra vez a su país", advierte el hombre enmascarado.

Also in, Libertad Digital.

PP MP De Arístegui -this man is my hero, what a wonderful Foreign Minister would be? And not like Mr Burdeos...- has said that Spain should not take the troops back but must take the threat very seriously.

El Confidencial Digital has posted some videos -to download- to see how the terrorists from SGPC are being trained. You can download them here and here. The Spanish King and Queen are going to travel to Argelia in a difficult moment after a terrorist attack which killed 8 policemen last March 4th.

These menaces comes the same day a terrorist attack against a cybercafe has been comitted in Casablanca (Morocco). Again the same preliminaries?

Barcepundit also comments about these menaces: "The war in Afghanistan, and not only Iraq, appeared in the 11-M terrorists message, even if you read the MSM, looks like it didn't".