AZF reappears

martes, marzo 06, 2007

The strange terrorist group AZF, inactive since 2004, when they announced they had put and explosive on February 2004, on the train line between Paris and Toulouse, has reappeared. Yesterday, they announced an explosive had been placed again in a train line, this time in Busseau-sur-Creuse, and caused the interruption of the trains between Bourdeaux and Lyon. The gendarmerie said there was no real danger, but they sent some equipment to the place.

It is curious that this only appears in little depéches. There is also no reflection upon the mystery and secrecy of this terror commando whose ideology -the police only agrees that they are anticapitalists-, components, etc are not known.

The police agrees that the group [only 3 or 4 people] there is a specilist in explosives, a person specialised in combat technics and infiltration, possible an ex-military. This person has made a sophisticated bomb with some components bought on the Internet. He is also very well informed about the use of travelling devices such as GPS and the possibility of using a helicopter for recovering the ransom from the ground.

What is more: there are elections this year in France. Is this related? [As you see, this is a question, not an affirmative statement]. The problem -or the good resolution- is that French MSM are not very interested in make publicity to the terrorist groups.

Also in Le Figaro.

For a retrospective, in Spanish, El Mundo (after their communiqué in which they asked for activating and , they announced the end of their hostilities till new order) and here. In French here -with all the letters of blackmail to French state-.

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