What opression makes

lunes, mayo 07, 2007

Today I read that the Saudi Women, oppressed by their husbands, turn to stripping in Internet chat rooms.

Crispal wrote some days ago: consequences of forbidding the women the right to drive (link in Spanish). Instead of blaming the driving interdiction, they all blame the parents for not guarding them appropriately. As they are not allowed to drive, their parents should appoint a chauffeur. And they just fall in love with them. He also tells the story of a girl who fell in love with her chauffeur. His parents separated them both and he was jailed. She later had twins -a boy and a girl-. Although the chauffeur wanted to marry her, they were not allowed. He is still in prison.

She states: "I feel badly for what I did. I wasn't right but I wanted to marry him. My family did not accept it. I was wrong. I would like to go backwards".

But not only women are having bizarre behaviour. Also the young men are making thinks that are worrying the authorities in Riyhad: free highway skating.

But as someone said: at least these ones are not being Jihadis...:

Lastly a cartoon:


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