¿Mataron a Benazir Bhutto porque afirmó que sabía quién había matado a Bin Laden?

miércoles, enero 23, 2008

De Pravda, gracias a LightHouse Patriot:

Benazir Bhutto, who was killed in a suicide attack at the end of 2007, stated in November that the Osama bin Laden, the head of the international terrorist network al-Qaida, had been killed. Bhutto claimed that she even knew the man who had killed the prime suspect of 9/11 terrorist attacks in the USA. According to Bhutto’s words, Bin Laden was killed by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh – one of those convicted of kidnapping and killing U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl. Bhutto released that statement on November 2, 2007 in an interview with Al-Jazeera TV channel. Bhutto spoke in English in the program titled Frost Over the World. However, no paid any attention to her words. Speaking about the enemies, who did not wish to see her back in Pakistan, she said: “Omar Sheikh is the man who murdered Osama bin Laden.”
The video of Bhutto’s interview to Al-Jazeera can be found on YouTube (click to watch the video). The assassinated Pakistani prime minister says the words about Bin Laden’s killer during the second minute of the interview. She stays absolutely calm when she pronounces the names. …
Correspondent David Frost, who interviewed Bhutto, did not even care to ask more questions about the sensational statement. Frost, who is believed to be an experienced journalist, did not even ask Bhutto when Bin Laden was killed. Benazir Bhutto’s interview to Al-Jazeera received very little attention from the media. … It just so happens that even Al-Jazeera messed it up. There was no official who commented on the information. Not a word was said from the CIA and the FBI. … But the
U.S. administration promised a reward of 25 million dollars for Bin Laden’s body, dead or alive.
Benazir Bhutto is now dead. She cannot say anything about her sources of information.

En una entrevista en Al Jazeera, Benazir Bhutto dijo textualmente que a Bin Laden lo había asesinado Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, uno de los convictos por el 11-S y el que secuestró y mató a Daniel Pearl.
El corresponsal Daniel Frost no le preguntó cómo lo sabía, ni siquiera cómo murió Bin Laden. Al Jazeera perdió la entrevista. Ningún experto comentó sobre la información. No se informó a la CIA ni al FBI. Ahora bien, la Administración EEUU prometió una recompensa de 25 millones de dólares por el cuerpo de Bin Laden, muerto o vivo.
Pero ahora Bhutto está muerta. No puede hablar sobre las fuentes de información.

Esto lo ha publicado Pravda. No sé si será verdad... pero podría ser otra posibilidad.

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