The Defense Minister assures there will be no reduction of military forces in Melilla

viernes, abril 18, 2008

This is an update on this other story:
Chacón asegura por carta a Imbroda que no habrá reducción de militares en Melilla |

The new Defense Minister has sent a letter to the President of Melilla, Juan José Imbroda, to tell him that the Ministery does not have any plan to reduce the number of military men in the Autonomous City.

Chacón wants to dissipate all doubts about the alleged reduction of effectives that would mean the Plan for the Rearrangement of the Military Forces. The Ministery wanted  these last weeks end all the doubts about it, but the Minister wanted to implicate herself in the affair.

"I had been able to verify that the rearragement in Melilla must not entail a reduction of the forces there", the letter says. It also mentions to Imbroda that the military men would have some benefits for staying there.

Well, just hope this intentions written by the ecopacifist Minister of Defense are true...


Me gustaría creer que esto es cierto... pero considerando los antecedentes de la Ministra, mejor esperamos a ver qué pasa...