Zapatero leaves Melilla unguarded

jueves, abril 03, 2008

El Gobierno ZP deja indefensa a Melilla frente al anexionismo de Marruecos. ¿Es esta la primera consecuencia de su acuerdo para la co-soberanía de Ceuta y Melilla con Marruecos? Lo digo porque no sé si estamos preparados... para la que se nos viene encima.
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(Agencias / PD).- Zapatero's Government wants to reduce from 4000 soldiers to 2000, the Spanish troops stationed in so a sensible zone as is the north of Africa, which Morocco wants as a part of its territory. The president of Melilla, Juan José Imbroda, has said he has the confirmation of the Government's plans, which, in his opinion, would be catastropic for the Autonomous city.

Speaking for Spanish public News Agency Europa Press, Imbroda stated that "this is a fact which is going to introduce the "Army Transition Plan, which, under the instructions of the Ministery of Defense, is going to reduce to a half the soldiers in Melilla", and critisized the fact that the Government had announced it "after the elections to hide it from the citizens of Melilla".

The first authority of the Autonomous city has added that this is going to have "very negative effects for the city because of the blow to Melilla's economy" because of the movement of families to other part of Spanish territory to maintain their jobs.He also announced his Government was going to do what's possible to "stop this measure".

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