Two Islamists, detained in Melilla

miércoles, abril 02, 2008

From El Confidencial Digital:

The Civil Guard has detained this Tuesday in Melilla to two alleged Moroccan Islamists, one of them related with the Casablanca attack in 2003 and the other with a finished terrorist net in Morocco in February. One of the detained is Ali Aarass, who according with the Civil Guard is member of the "Movement of the Mujahidines of the Maghreb" from 1982 and it's related with the Casablanca attacks, in which 45 people were killed.

The second arrested is Mohammed El Bay, linked with a group which according to Morocco, was preparing some attacks in the Maghreb and which was finished in February with the detention of 30 people, according to the Civil Guard. The Armed Institution also stated that El Bay was in charge of the relations with weapons' dealers in the center of Europe.

Morocco has called for international aid for their detention. Moroccan authorities have finished dozens of alleged fundamentalist cells later and the countries' jails are full of hundreds of alleged Islamists.

Seven man commit suicide in Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, in March and April 2007, killing a policeman.

Some bombs much more damaging have shaken the neighbour Argelia and analysts in security consider that the Islamist groups have reinforced their cooperation against the North African governments.

Very interesting that part about the "weapons' dealers" located in Europe. But it would have been better if they would have reported in which part of Europe, that traffic was made.


Como digo: muy interesante eso de que las armas las conseguían a través de traficantes de armas en Europa. Pero hubiera sido aún más interesante si hubieran dicho en qué parte de Europa estaban.

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