Another honour killing: now in Germany - Otro asesinato por honor: ahora en Alemania

martes, mayo 27, 2008

Dhimmi Watch: Germany: Brother stabs sister in honor killing; had prior record of assaults against her, another sister

"A 23-year-old Hamburg man suspected of stabbing his sister to death in an honour killing last week had already been prosecuted for assaulting her and others, prosecutors confirmed on Monday.
The man was sentenced in March on an assault charge to one year and five months without possibility of probation, the Hamburg prosecutor's office told German press agency DDP on Monday, confirming media reports.
The man had requested his March sentence be deferred, prosecutors said. He was notified in writing on Wednesday - a day before the stabbing - that the request had been rejected.
Police were also investigating earlier claims that he assaulted two of his sisters, including the girl stabbed last week.
Police arrested the man on Friday after the stabbing death of his 16-year-old sister early Friday morning in Hamburg's Sankt Georg district. Neighbours and a passing group of youths heard the girl screaming near the Berliner Tor metro stop and called police at 11:21 pm on Thursday. The girl died about an hour later at the scene of the stabbing.
The girl's oldest brother - like her a German citizen of Afghan origin - admitted to police he had killed her because she had turned away from her family, DDP reported. The family immigrated to Germany from Afghanistan 13 years ago, German news magazine Der Spiegel reported in its online edition."
Reason? "Maybe he did it out of love. He told us: "My sisters are my life. She should be put away before anything happens to her. The last sentence that we heard from him was that he loved his sister."", said their cousin.

Please visit: Stop Honorcide!, the Reform Islam's page to stop honor killings in the world.


Se puede resumir en: hermano de 23 años con antecedentes de agresión a sus dos hermanas, ha asesinado a una de ellas a puñaladas en la estación de Metro de Berlín. Todos eran ciudadanos alemanes de origen afgano. Su primo ha dicho que "a lo mejor lo hizo por amor" y que la última vez que hablaron con él, les dijo "Mis hermanas son mi vida. Debe ser asesinada antes de que algo le ocurra". El primo añadió: "Lo último que oímos de él es que quería a su hermana".

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