The immigrants of the cocktails molotov

sábado, abril 14, 2007

I wrote here yesterday about them. But Yahel has more information of the operation:

When the cayuco was localised, the patrol ship tried to get nearer to intercept it. When they  approached, they found something totally surprising: the immigrants were waiting for them with cocktail molotovs which were thrown into the patrol ship. Considering the hostility and the danger, the agents decided to draw a zodiac near them to try to reason with the immigrants and explain them what the situation was and that their only intention was to rescue them and drive them back to Mauritania, their place of origin.

In this ocassion, the immigrants attacked the zodiac with sharp objects to prevent the intervention of the agents from the Civil Guard. Viewing this could drown the zodiac, the agents went back to the patrol ship, and the cayuco fleed to the Canary Islands.

The cayuco arrived at the harbour of Arguineguín in yesterday at midnight after being localised in the Gran Canaria waters. An agent for the Civil Guard flew from Mauritania to the Canary Islands and identified some of the attackers among a group of 57 illegal immigrants, 2 of them minors.

After being identified they are going to be flown back to Mauritania where they will be processed by the attack.

The Government from the Canary Islands insisted yesterday that the number of immigrants arriving there have descended by 60%. But they have certainly grown in violence. With the politics of the Socialist Government of soft treatment to all thugs, I think this behaviour is going to grow.

But then Deustche-Welle writes this: Spain gets rich on cheap immigrant labor.

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