Cardinal Tauran: No need to create “UN” of religions

viernes, octubre 26, 2007

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As I wrote here, there were some people interested in creating a United Nations of religions. Thank God (never better said) that Catholic Church has not backed the ideaWhew

The president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, said during an interview with Vatican Radio that the proposed creation of a “United Nations of religions” to promote dialogue for peace makes no sense.

“Now there are just as many possibilities as there are creeds for achieving peace,” the cardinal stated.  “Personally, my first reaction is not one of enthusiasm,” he said about proposal launched by a group of participants at the Ecumenical Meeting for Peace which ended this week in Naples.

“On the one hand we have diplomacy, with its techniques, and on the other, religions with prayer.  Prayer is the language of religion, and therefore, before thinking about a great UN of the religions, men of religion must instruct their faithful in the prayer for peace and their young people to listen to others and to their convictions,” Cardinal Tauran explained.

He stressed that there is “always a need for dialogue and talking,” but each conversation must take place in its own context and form.

Cardinal Tauran: No need to create “United Nations” of religions

Hace días posteé que algunos líderes religiosos (y otros como el ínclito Mayor Zaragoza Striaght FaceRaised Eyebrow ) querían formar una ONU de religiones. El Cardenal Tauran, presidente del Consejo Pontificio para el Diálogo Inter-religioso, ha dicho a la Radio Vaticana que esta propuesta

"carece de sentido. Hay muchas maneras de poder alcanzar la paz. Personalmente, mi primera reacción no es de entusiasmo. Por un lado, existe la diplomacia con sus técnicas, y en las religiones tenemos la oración. POr tanto, en lugar de pensar sobre una gran ONU de religiones, los hombres de religión deberían instruir a sus fieles en la oración por la paz y a sus jóvenes a escuchar a otros y a sus convicciones.

Gracias a Dios (y nunca mejor dicho).