No, no son los Santos Inocentes

jueves, noviembre 01, 2007

Aunque si no me dicen que ha pasado de verdad, hubiera pensado que sí lo era. SurpriseSillySobre todo teniendo en cuenta el resultado de las elecciones de hace unos días.

For English readers:

This is Argentina, a very fashion-conscious and image-savvy nation still rife with machismo. Unlike Clinton, Fernandez de Kirchner has sternly avoided policy discussions, and did so right through the campaign. She never had to earn the party nomination - it was simply handed to her.

Her support comes mainly from the poorly-educated lower-class, people who are happy to have a job. More educated people expect her - like any leader - to address semi-complicated issues like inflation, foreign debt and public policy. She never has. Cristina’s fans are just seeing it through the “are things better now than they were four years ago we her husband was elected” lens.