ETA -confirmed- kills a socialist ex-councilman (+) (+2)

viernes, marzo 07, 2008

Confirmed: it was ETA and the murderer shoot him five times. Interior Minister Mr Rubcalcaba has confirmed it.

AS you probably know, there will be general elections on Sunday. Today someone has killed a ex-councilman, 42 year-old, Isaías Carrasco, this morning at 12.45 pm Spanish time. He was a "very easy target as he did not have any kind of public representation now". The bastards have killed him in front of his wife and his daughter who have shouted "Murderers" to the shooters. The Basque department of Interior has not confirmed ETA's responsibility yet, but it looks like it is the responsible.

He has received two shots in the neck and another one in the head. The murderer, who was wearing a beard but with no mask on it. The Interior Department of the Basque Government confirmed his death but it is said to be on "clinical death", according to the Basque Health Service.

He was father of two girls, aged 17 and 20 years, and of one 4-year son. He worked at a post where the road taxes are payed in the A1 highway and he presented himself with the number 6 in the last year's electoral lists. Only 4 were elected and the municipality, Mondragón, passed to Basque Nationalist Action, the new party who has ETA's support.

Looks like Zapatero's face has looked ghostly when he has been informed of this murder. Just let's see what's going to happen afterwards. I just don't trust anything these days. What they are up to??

(+) Yes, Zapatero's face has changed deeply:

Association for Terrorism's Victims has rejected to give "any motives" to ETA to mark their agenda and asked the citizens to put in their balconies, flags with black laces on them.

Llamazares (United Left - Communist): Worst news we can have now.

Rajoy (PP - center-left): The culprits of this crime are the terrorists. The only option is the full ETA's defeat with the law, the Security Forces and the will of the Spanish people. Eta must lose all hope of achieving its objectives because we are not going to consent this. We must all be united against ETA.

Fernando Landecho (Ciutadans en Madrid): "This is a very clear message for those who dialogue with terrorists".

Isais Carrasco, a man who "was always working hard" @ Escaño 351

Joan Valls before the terrorist attack:
If ETA wants to push the Socialist Government to be more time on power, we must fear its apparition on the electoral campaign with a terrorist attack against some politicians. There would be no indiscriminate attack like T4 Barajas' terminal, but of an attack against a member/s of the Socialist party. That, considering the terrorist paradigma, will present Socialist as a declared enemy of the band and eliminate of the memory of the voters the idea that Rodríguez Zapatero has been negotiating with the assssins during part of the term. We are speaking about the terrorist logic, pure and simple, so the civilised parameters don't have any validity in this strategy.
(+2) The MSM manipulation of the terrorist attack has begun: Leftist radio Cadena Ser, which belongs to PRISA, the same holding who also has well-known El Pais newspaper, has begun considering the "electoral benefits of the death of this poor man", blaming the PP party for its strong stance against the "peace process". They have played some recorded words of Martínez Pujalte, a PP speaker at Parliament, who has said

The Socialists in these elections, and we are 48 hours before the elections, has negotiated with ETA during this electoral campaign. It has negotiated with ETA during the electoral campaign. ETA is interested in a result this Sunday. And that's an aberration. Because the terrorists should not mind who was winning. They should know they don't have any options of political negotiation. But that's not like that".
Those words have been repeated througout all the day. Yes, they are true. BUT the comments the people who attend that radio have made are "The Interior Ministry has acted in an excellent way. They have detained a lot of terrorists. But this is inevitable. You can't detain all the terrorists, you can protect all the ex-councilmen, there aren't so many policemen".

March 11th bombings have been sentenced but there are still some things not resolved, not even by the sentence. Are we in the second phase of the same act?

At the same time: the Central Electoral Commission has archived a complaint about Socialists' book which asked the interventors in Sunday's elections to be "multiplicating votes", that is, to "convince people to vote for them" instead of other parties.
The socialists did not recognise that document as official and assured the commission that the party had not given any advise related to that. The document showed to the Commission was a power point presentation, distributed by the "Mobilization Area of the Federal Electoral Commission of PSOE" (that is, the Socialists party).

TOP SECRET: ETA wants to aid PSOE according to some experts of National Inteligence Service @ La Nación.
ETA had two options: some good news (an affable simbolic gesture -such as giving up the weapons-) or an attack.

The first possibility was contemplated by José Alcaraz, leader of the Association of Victims of the Terrorism, in an hypothesis whose last phase would be the independence in 2012. But the specialists reject this possibility: this is not the philosophy of the band. "They have never turned down the weapons, that possibility is not on their agendas". Even in the trap-truce, "they just gave up selecting targets, they never gave up the weapons".

It is much more related to their style, the second option, as it has happened with Isaías Carrasco. As if this case, the victim is a Socialist ex-councilman is obvious that this could contribute to a mobilization of the electoral bases of the Socialist party and also to clean the image of the people who have been accused of negotiating with
ETA does whatever he wants in Mondragón's Majorship @ Escaño 351.

Zapatero does not speak about "defeat" @ anghara. He has treated the murder the way he treated the rest of the murders ETA has done during the term.

Zapatero: "We know exactly that democracy will win"

Recently elected President of the Bishops' Conference, Rouco Varela, has condemned energetically the Carrasco's murder.
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