Y los disturbios siguen en la France...

jueves, marzo 06, 2008

producidos, cómo no, por "jóvenes": lgf: Youths Ambush, Fire on French Police

Youths” in the suburbs of Paris are escalating their intifada against French society, ambushing and firing on police.

PARIS: Dozens of hooded attackers fired buckshot and nails at police this weekend, wounding four officers, France’s interior minister said.

Michele Alliot-Marie called the Sunday afternoon attack an “ambush,” saying that about 30 people, some of them armed, were waiting for the officers in the southern Paris suburb of Grigny. The officers were responding to a call about vandalism at a local bakery.

Three officers were hit in face with buckshot; another was hit in the leg with buckshot and nails and was hospitalized, Sunday’s statement said.

Docenas de atacantes enmascarados dispararon balas de pega y tornillos a la policía este fin de semana, hiriendo a cuatro oficiales, según la ministra de Interior francesa. Michele Alliot-Marie calificó al ataque el domigo como de "emboscada" diciendo que alrededor de 30 personas, algunas de las cuales iban armadas, estban esperando a los oficiales del suburbio sur de París llamado Grigny. Los oficiales respondían así a una llamada sobre vandalismo en una panadería local.
Tres oficiales fueron heridos en la cara con los tiros de pega; a otro le hirieron a una pierna con otro tiro de pega y puntas y tuvo que ser hospitalizado, según la declaración hecha pública el domingo.

La policía está buscando a los sospechosos:
Massive raid by French police - CNN.com
More than 1,000 police raided housing projects outside Paris early Monday, detaining over 30 people in a bid to find rioters who led an outburst of violence last year, police said.

Police guard the door of a housing project north of Paris (photo)
Police raided Villiers-le-Bel and three neighboring towns as part of the investigation into November riots, police said.
Violence erupted in the town's housing projects, populated largely by families of immigrant background, after two teenage boys were killed in a motorbike crash with a police car. Police and local officials said it was an accident but many residents were unconvinced.
Some of President Nicolas Sarkozy's rivals condemned the raids as a bid to look tough on security ahead of next month's municipal election, noting that the media was alerted in advance to the operation. The action comes just after Sarkozy announced a sweeping plan to better integrate poor suburban youth and tackle the racism they often face in the job market.
Marie-Therese de Givry, prosecutor in the regional seat of Pontoise, said 33 people were arrested, raising the number from about 20 cited earlier by police. Those detained ranged in age from 19 to 31.

Según Al Jazeera (h/t Say Anything Blog), es una de las mayores operaciones realizadas en Francia contra los líderes de los disturbios.

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