Concentration in Madrid in remembrance of the Civil Guard killed by ETA

lunes, diciembre 03, 2007

People there called for Zapatero's dimission:

Anyway, the MSM coverage is Phbbbttt as ever:

Ni Zapatero ni sus ministros irán a la manifestación convocada por el Congreso contra Socialists are insulted in Madrid's concentration. They add that the people who insulted had gathered there, answering the call of Terrorism's Victims' Association, as if that would mean the latter is the culprit of the insults.

Tomorrow neither Zapatero nor his Ministers will go to tomorrow's concentration, which has been convoked by Spanish Parliament:

Zapatero's decission was revealed by the PSOE's Organization Secretary José Blanco (nicknamed Pepiño, one of the most stupid politicians in Spanish scenery), during a press conference in Madrid. "We want the concentration to be a momment of civic serenity, of democratic firmness and of unity of all the good people against the sterile violence of some killers; tomorrow we want to speak with only one voice, the one of peace, of freedom, to end with ETA", has said Blanco before announcing the Zapatero will not be at the concentration as he has not been (as he has reminded) in several other occasions such as the terrorist attack at T4. It will be Blanco, Organization Secretary of PSOE, the one who will head the Socialist representation.

The Terrorism Victims' Association has announced that they will not go to the concentration neither, as the image of unity politicians want to give is false.

The Civil Guard who was hurt in the terrorist attack, Fernando Trapero, continues in profound comma with no signs of brain activity.

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