ETA "men of peace" have killed again (+)

sábado, diciembre 01, 2007


A Spanish Civil Guard has been killed by a shot in the head and another one has been gravely hurt in an ETA terrorist attack in Capbreton, a village in the South of France. Both of them were taking part in a watchout operation against ETA in the south of France and were unarmed at the moment. The ETA terrorists, who have escaped, have shot both of them from the back when the officers were exiting from a commercial center after taking breakfast. Spanish Minister of Interior, Rubalcaba, who has suspended a press conference in Berlin, has confirmed the (bad) news. Spanish Presidente, Mr. Zapatero is giving a press conference at 13 hours.

The attacked agents are 23 and 24 years-old.

Mr Rubalcaba has confirmed the hurt agent is in a critical state.

Raúl Centeno, 24 year-old, killed by ETA today.


ETA asesina en Francia a un guardia civil y deja herido grave a su compañero

The killed agent is Raúl Centeno Pallón and the hurt one is Fernando TRapero Blázquez. They were killed inside their car, which had French license plates. The police is searching for two men and a woman who escaped from the site.

(+) The ETA terrorists have escaped in a stolen car, kidnapping a woman, its owner, and his son who were inside. They have released them afterwards.

Rajoy (Popular Party, center-right) has already asked for ETA's defeat and has continued by stating his suport to the Government.

I difer completely. I call for the whole Government's resignation NOW. They have done already too much damage to Spanish fight against terrorism.

This happens after the President of the Terrorist Victims' Association has been criminally accused of insulting Mr.Zapatero. Mr. Alcaraz said that Zapatero was the best ambassador of ETA, and an obscure Lawyers' Association has been the chosen  one to do the bad work... Blaming the victims while the Government was negotiating with the same people who has attacked from the back these two Civil Guards: that's the real doing of Zapatero's Government.

The news have gone over all the Spanish blogosphere:

Last news are (tx to Gazulin) that Terrorism Victims' Association has called all the Spanish society to show our tribute to the Civil Guard killed today on Monday at 12:oo (local hour) in a silence concentration before the Majorships throughout Spain.

La avt convoca a la sociedad española a manifestar su tributo a la Guardia Civil el próximo lunes 3 de diciembre a las 12 de la mañana con una concentración silenciosa de cinco minutos en todos los ayuntamientos de España y pide que coloquen desde hoy banderas españolas con crespones negros en ventanas y balcones.

This happens only a week after the last of the demonstrations against ETA-Government negotiations (here and here).

ETA has already menaced Mikel Buesa, one of the leading leftist politicians agains ETA nowadays.

Urkullu, one of the leaders of Basque Nationalist Party, has stated that "should begin by its end". Yeah, after your leader, Arzalluz, said that "[ETA terrorist] are shaking the tree and we will pick up the walnuts". You, hypocrites.

(+) Zapatero has spoken:

The President of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, stated his "more radical" condemnation and repulsion considering the attack perpetrated by ETA in France and underlined that all Spanish society is "united" against terrorism and that "the Government will continue pursuing terrorists and to anyone who will support them with all the instruments of the State of Law".

Zapatero gave a brief statement in the Palace of Moncloa to express his "solidarity" and "love" with the families of the dead Civil Guard, Raúl Centeno and of the hurt one, Fernando Trapero, who "again have offered the highest of the sacrifices, the life of one of its members in defense of the security of all the Spanish".

More in

In the statement, Zapatero has not spoken about measures to defeat ETA.

We will see what happens at 18:00 this afternoon, when there is a meeting at Congress to speak about this terrorist attack.

(+) More hypocrisy: The Basque Autonomous Government has published a communiqué in which they say that "dialogue should continue to solve political problems".

"We show our more firm condemnation considering this new violent attack (what other way but violent can be a terrorist attack?) and we also show out solidarity with the families of the assassinated civil guard and of the hurt civil guard, two more victims to add to the yet long list of hurt people by ETA's terrorism".
The Basque Government has reminded that they have said "a lot of times that ETA's violence is not the way (for independence, that is, not to peace...). Violence is way for nowhere and only gives us pain and suffering to society".
This Saturday, has concluded, "maybe more than ever, we must remember that peace can't be based on political prices, but that policy can do a lot to peace".