Domingo de Reyes

domingo, enero 06, 2008

Primero voy a poner este vídeo tan bonito que he encontrado en The Anchoress, sobre los Reyes Magos:

Los que entendais inglés, podéis también leer el post entero así como este de Fausta.

International readers: both links above are in English, explaining the festivity of the Epiphany (Three Kings' Day). It is a very important Catholic, and specifically Spanish festivity (in France, the typical festivity is Nöel and in Italy is the Befana (thanks to Crispal for the correction), a witch, but all of them are basically the same: they are the mysterious personalities who bring things for the children if they have behaved through the year). Anyway, in the case of the Three Kings Day, they have a very important religious background: they mean that gentile people could also adore God.

Es por Madrid has some photos of the releasing of the Tree of Desires in Madrid:

On the eve of the festivity there is the Three Kings' Day's parade, which was yesterday.

Melchor, the older one.

Gaspar, the young one.

King Baltasar, the black one.