Spanish blogger menaced by ETA's supporters (+)

viernes, enero 25, 2008

Noggia is a Spanish blogger who posts in English and with his full name: Nacho Serra. He has been for some time writing about the myths of " a Basque nation" (to which I referred myself here), without having really ANY of its supporters critisizing logically what he had written. So today I receive a mail from common friend Crispal informing me that he has been threatened with death by some scum of Basque terrorism:

"pay a lot of attention, fascist. You're going to fly in the air".
"Euskadi will be free and you will die in the way. Gora ETA (Hail ETA). Pig. Policeman".
The Civil Guard has already began an investigation as the author of the menaces has left a trace which can be followed. Just hope he will be caught.

As ever, the freedom of the blogosphere keeps on been menaced...

Others posting about this: Elentir, Luis, Electoblogger.

(+) As Lady Godiva has done, I'm going too to post here the titles of all the posts Noggia has written on the "myths of the Basque Nation":
Myth No 1: Spain and the Basque Country has been antagonistic entities throughout history.
Myth No 2: the mere existence of nationalism does prove there is a Nation.
Myth No 3: the mere existence of a language proves we are a Nation.
Myth No 4: the existence of the Fueros prove we are a Nation.
Myth No 5: The Basque Region is in conflict with Spain since 160 years ago.
Myth No 6:
The Basques have been oppressed by the Castilians.
Myth No 7:
The Basque Region is the “Spanish Ulster”.
Myth No 8:
Spanish Civil War of 1936 - 1939 was a fight between Spanish fascism against the Basques.
Myth No 9:
The non-nationalist Basques are renegade Basques.
Myth No 10:
Basque Nationalism has distinguished itself for its compromise with the 'freedom of the nations'.

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